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Becoming is better than being

First I want to do a short presentation about who I am. I am Ana Beatriz Alvim, I am 16th years old and I live in São Caetano do Sul, a small town nearby São Paulo Capital. I am a student and I am going to senior year, last year in high school. I met TNT (Talk’n Talk) in July and I became English hostess on Tuesday 1:00 PM and Friday at 2:00 PM about the TOEFL (The Test of English as a Foreign Language) on October 28th. And it has been a pleasure to be part of this huge community. I am reading a book called “MINDSET: The new psychology of success”. You probably think why this young girl is reading this kind of book, and my answer is because everyone, no matter the age, need to read this book once in their life.

This book explains about how your beliefs can impact your acts and how this book knows about what type of mind you have. Fixed mindset - Are people who need proving all the time that they are smart,and do not accept that they can learn more, in other words, they are the best ones and do not need to develop. Growth mindset - Are people who are constantly fostering their knowledge, to tackle hard challenges and every single moment is an opportunity to learn and to grow as a person. The mindset is in all the things: characteristics, and getting involved with the world. In just eighteen pages, this book caught my attention - blew me away. This can influence the way you cope with the situation in life, It is just a low grade, not an assumption that you are dumb or your manager had a worst day and said that your project is horrible, that you are not capable in your job or you have been waiting for your friend a half hour that he do not care about you. Maybe at work happened an urgent setback and he can not call to cancel with you. So my question is: which type of mindset you have? And can you change it? As I said, nowadays it is so important as a professional and human being to deal with an emotional inwardly - in your mind.

Becoming is more important than being because learn is one that things we will not rest to do. Getting a new person with a new mind and knowing your weakness is better than being the old model that does not fit in the new world we are inserting.

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Wellington Riquieri
Wellington Riquieri
12 avr. 2021

Very good ! I just love your text You are very smart ! congratsss !! You should writing more articles like this !


Membre inconnu
24 déc. 2020

Such an amazing article! Very interesting subject Ana. Thanks a lot. And thanks for recommending the book, it just entered my need-to-read list =D

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